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Postby Watchin » Sep Sun 26, 2004 11:35 am

DigitalDingus wrote:
I remember when I went from the E-10 to the D100. At first, it was a little weird, but I soon didn't need a live image preview.

I agree. I would much prefer that they take the money spent on this
marginally useful (my fingers keep trying to type useless... tells me someting;{)
feature and put a REAL focus screen in the viewfinder as
well as a mirror lockup, a meter that works with manual lenses, and a
flash sync higer than the silly 1/125. I keep waiting for someone to
wake up and put an electronic (NO moving parts) shutter, then you'd have
flash at all speeds.

Oh well - maybe you're right and there is a mirror lockup hidden in this
gray cloud...

I like the rest of the specs, and if it still takes as good a picture as the S2
then OK, but I want BETTER!

I'm now looking at the D2x as my next camera... we'll see what the
total $ shock is first.
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