Canon EOS 7D 18MP with HD video - Official

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Canon EOS 7D 18MP with HD video - Official

Postby JoePhoto » Aug Mon 31, 2009 10:03 pm


The EOS 7D is official. This is officially the most customizable EOS camera to date with Canon clearly taking notes on what makes Nikon's D300/D300s so successful including the pop-up commander flash to control remote speedlights.

Rob Galbraith has a very nice field test with sample images as well as PDN (which adds a video clip and some more sample images.) while DPReview have their in-depth preview available.

According to Galbraith, the images are about the same as the 50D in terms of noise. While that's not the best hi-ISO performance to speak of, it's actually pretty amazing when you think about how tiny the pixels are.

Specs at a glance:

• 18-megapixel APS-C-sized (aka non-full-frame) CMOS imaging sensor with a 1.6x magnification ("crop") factor

• Individual pixels sized at 4.3 microns

• Gapless megapixel design on image sensor similar to Canon 50D

• Powered by two Digic 4 image processors

• 8 frames per second maximum shooting speed

• 94-shot JPEG buffer; 15 14-bit RAW (126 shots with a UDMA card)

• ISO 100-6400 with a "High" setting of ISO 12,800

• New 19-point autofocus system with all cross-type focus points and dual diagonal light source detection function

• AF system offers 19-point, single point, spot point, AF expansion, or Zone AF

• Orientation linked Autofocus automatically flips focus point for vertical shooting

• "Super-fluid design" with a "natural fit" for the hands

• Quieter shutter rated at 150,000 cycles

• Shutter response time of 0.059 second (Mark III cameras are rated at 0.055 second)

• Mark III prism style optical viewfinder with 100% coverage

• Dust and water-resistant with a magnesium, steel, polycarbonate body comparable in ruggedness to the old Canon EOS 1N film camera.

• 8-channel read out

• Dual Axis Electronic Level Control to help keep shots straight by showing you a graphical level on the back of he camera in Live View or in the optical viewfinder as a series of dots

• Built-in flash with a wider angle over coverage than in the past (15mm max)

• Built-in flash can trigger other strobes (A, B, & C units)

• Manual video control -- ISO, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, as in the 5D Mark II post-firmware upgrade

• A dedicated Start/Stop button for the video

• In-camera movie editing

• Picture styles applicable to movie mode

• Programmable Multi-function button to control various aspects of the camera

• One touch RAW + JPEG mode

• Dedicated power switch by the mode dial

• New 63-zone dual layered iFCL (Intelligent Focus Color Luminosity) metering system
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Re: Canon EOS 7D 18MP with HD video - Official

Postby TonyK » Sep Tue 01, 2009 6:17 pm

Let's see

New Canon 7D
New copy of PS CS# (4 or 5)
New Lightroom
Bigger hard drives

Joe, you're spending my money faster than I can earn it. :cheese

And vacation and concerts are coming up. Splurged for a new back pack bag that will hold the old Toshiba laptop, the chargers and camera equipment so it can all fly with us as carry on.
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