Nikon D50 user review

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Nikon D50 user review

Postby Dirk » Feb Sun 08, 2009 5:52 am

So since i have the Nikon D50 for about 11 months now i would like to tell you all about THE best camera ever built by nikon in the Digital range .

When the nikon D50 was introduced it was almost instantly a killer camera . The rival of canon (eos 300d) was and is absolutly no match for the nikon D50. The D50 is a 6.1 MP camera , has the same resolution as a D70 or a D70s. The best things are it's size and weigth compared to a nikon D70. But do not forget that the iso performance of the D50 is extremly good . Where most digital camera's are barely usuable at 800 ISO the D50 has even at 1600 iso such good noise performance that it in the standard settings is better dan a D300 .

The nikon D50 has just one control wheel but that does not bother me , the jpegs strait out of the camera are of extreme good level (especially for it's price) . The D50 uses SD memory and the D70 and D70s use CF.

In perfomance there is a slight lower frame rate but still very good (fps2.5 <> fps 3.0 (d70/d70's))
the D50 has a onboard AF motor but also a AF mode that other nikons do not have , the D50 uses AF-A , AF-C or AF-S ( AF-A chooses automatically between AF-S and AF-C )

the D50 deserves good optics, even with standard lenses it is very good but with high quality optics it is a d300 killer..

when you have kids you will like the mode childern , but there is more , the white balance is very good and with a light efficient lens and white balance flash and a flash it is a low light killer to.

The D50 still surprises me , and put's a smile on my face when it is used . Off all the gear i'll have i would keep this one when i had to sell anything
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Re: Nikon D50 user review

Postby mattchase » Jun Sun 13, 2010 12:29 pm

Thanks for the review Dirk!
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