Anyone have experience with JTL?

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Anyone have experience with JTL?

Postby Kronos » Jan Fri 30, 2004 7:39 pm

I've seen them priced pretty low. Has anyone had any experience with this brand? Good or bad?
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Postby Klyment » Aug Thu 19, 2004 1:25 am

I was a Canadian import agent for this company for a while. Excellent electronic stuff (radio triggers, light meters, etc.) and pretty nice hot lights. However, when it comes to their flash units, be careful, especially stuff that people are putting on eBay these days. JTL makes several units that don't have any variable output. Furthermore, the flash duration for all of these units is very long though. Thus, refresh time is pretty slow for the bigger units and if you trigger them frequently enough within a set amount of time, you stand to blow fuses very quickly. If you're looking for some inexpensive monolights, check out the Opus lineup . . . not sure where you're from but they are pretty big in Canada. I picked up a kit including two 500Ws monolights with 150W modelling lamps, reflectors, two convertible umbrellas, one snoot and one set of barndoors complete with honey combs and gels, two 8' light stands, sync cable and two long power cords for $1650CDN plus 7% GST, all packed perfectly into a nice case. I'm happy with them though I think I'm moving on to a powerpack system shortly.
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