OT Forum Guidelines: Read Or Risk Immediate Deletion/Ban

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OT Forum Guidelines: Read Or Risk Immediate Deletion/Ban

Postby JB » Nov Sat 20, 2004 10:25 pm

The OT forum is a place to talk about things other than photography.

However, we need to put some restrictions on the types of discussion allowed. Religion and politics have been proven to be very unsettling, and so discussion of them is not allowed. If a post is conveyed as a political or religious debate, it will be deleted. Further, political posts repeatedly by the same OP (Original Poster) in order to stir debate, will be warned, suspended, or banned, depending on the circumstances. If multiple posters participate in debates, they will be notified and dealt with appropriately.

It would be nice if everyone could post whatever they wanted and would show restraint, but unfortunately, this doesn't work. It's been tried and tested, and the only feasible solution is having a separate website completely. Until then, DD and its moderators request that any posts which can be politically controversial, need to be taken elsewhere. If you can operate a camera, you are mature enough to understand what controversial means, so there shouldn't be any hand-holding as to its analytical definition.

If you happen to be warned, suspended, or even banned, you still have recourse. You can contact me, explain the situation, and I am sure we can work on a resolution where everyone is satisfied.

DigitalDingus is first and foremost, about photography, shared experiences, and has a mission of educating those new to digital photography. Let's make DigitalDingus a place where everyone is invited, no matter what is going on in the world around us.

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