D100 Lounge Recommended Websites

December, 2004

There is no single website that can give you all the information you need for your particular camera, or your soon-to-be purchase. This is why I have listed below, websites that I recommend for Nikon users.


Phil Askey's DPReview website. Undisputed information provider of digital technology.


ExtremeTech.Com's website. Another place for info on Digital. Some very good articles and information on a lot of different products and technology.

Fred Miranda

Fred Miranda's website. Fred has a very nice website. Having one of the best-looking website around, he has developed some very useful actions for Photoshop. Fred also has a forum for Q&A on just about anything.

Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource's website. One of a few places you can go for the latest information on digital cameras and technology.


nikondigital.org. Moose Peterson and David Cardinal have put together this website about digital photography. If you own a Nikon DSLR, you should check this out.

Nikon Image (English)

Nikon Image.

Nikon Japan (English)

Nikon Japan.


nikonlinks.com. This place has a wealth of links for you to begin your Nikon quest. It is highly recommended you cruise this site for information on your Nikon DSLR.

Nikon UK

Nikon UK is a good place to visit for new products coming soon.

Rob Golbraith

Rob Galbraith's website. Another great place to go for reviews of digital cameras and new things coming just around the corner. He also has a forum for DP professionals.

Ron Reznick

Ron Reznick's website. Ron has some great photos to show you, and has a wealth of information you should read. Questions about lenses? Go here. Rob's Forums are more strict on their forum guidelines (such as discussing rumors of digital equipment), so don't be surprised if your post somehow disappears if you bring up a camera that is only a rumor.

Thom Hogan

Thom Hogan's website. Thom has information you need. Flashes? Ask Thom. Camera knowledge? Ask Thom. Thom has also written several books on digital cameras as well, including the D1x and D100.